Equality Bodies at Work: share your activities!

At Equinet, we are dedicated to sharing our Members' success stories and showcasing how Equality Bodies are catalysts for more equal societies. But we need your help!

Please use this form to submit activities that your Equality Body carried out. Whether it involved bringing a case to court, submitting a decision, making recommendations, drafting a report, carrying out research or an awareness campaign, we want to hear about it all!

How are we using your submissions?

  • They will be taken into consideration when we collect good practices for our upcoming publications or events.
  • They will be used to update our Equality Bodies at Work webpage, allowing others in the field to learn from your experiences and best practices.
  • They will be considered for inclusion in the Equinet Calendar for the upcoming year (see Equinet 2024 Calendar for reference).

If you have any questions on how to fill out the form, please contact membership@equineteurope.org.

What kind of activity are you submitting?
Describe the context. You can, for example, explain what is the existing legislation on the topic, the forms of discrimination experienced by that specific group, or why your activity was necessary.
Describe the activity and the results (if any) of the Equality Body's actions. You can use fictitious names for the victims of discrimination, if preferred. 
How was this activity important? For instance, did it trigger a law or policy change? Did it spark a societal discussion? Did it contribute to raise awareness about a specific situation?

Ground(s) of discrimination and field(s) of discrimination

Please choose the grounds of discrimination and the fields of discrimination that relate to the case.

Ground(s) of discrimination
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